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Really easy to install

"I was a bit worried I would not be able to install it myself, however, the installation guide made it fool proof and the securing set gave it a professional finish"

— Sinead Dunphy, Dublin, Ireland

BimTronics is #1

"BimTronics is the #1. Thanks guys!!"

— Imer Abishi – USA


Fast and easy

“A fast and easy way to fix a problem that would otherwise cost hundreds.”

Well thought out and designed

“Anybody who has bought one of these before will know they are absolutely fantastic, real time savers!— Duncan Riley, JP Garages


“My team and I just wanted to say how the product is. You have done a great job! Keep up the good work!"

— Steve Denning, London, England

Been wishing for something like this for years

“Great job guys. Love the product and have been wishing for something like this for years. Thanks!”

— Ian Watts, Canada

Very, very easy to use

“I must say I'm impressed by your product. Being in the car industry myself, I can appreciate even more what you've done. Very professional look, very, very easy to use too.”

— Simon Gilles, Car Sales - New Zealand

I'm switching over to BimTronics

“I think the overall design and finish of the Seat Occupancy Simulator is excellent. All in all, this is a terrific product. I manage my own garage, and have been using another supplier, but the great functionality you offer is making me think that I'm switching over to BimTronics.”

— Benjamin Richards, Australia