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What We Do...

We are enforcing our commitment to delivering quality in both product and service. We operate a continuous improvement strategy and have recently invested in the most up-to-date technology.
We commit ourselves to enhancing and supporting the measures already instigated as well as highlighting other areas where improvements to our service and quality can further be improved.
BimTronics are also proud to be actively involved in supplying products to the automotive industry in the U.S, as well as China and Australia.

We also independently record data for the International Material Data System (IMDS) with details of the chemical breakdown of our materials and the accompanying weights posted to individual customer accounts. IMDS is the automotive industry’s joint development between nearly all the major automotive manufacturers, where all materials used for car manufacture are archived and maintained. Only in this way is it possible to meet the obligations placed on car manufacturers, and thus on their suppliers, by national and international standards, laws and regulations. The materials database set-up by the car manufacturers will facilitate the recycling of old cars and long-term have positive impact on the environment. Something we are proud to support.

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Mission Statement

BimTronics is both an independent manufacturer and distributor.We are totally committed to providing our customers with the services they need and want, better, quicker and more efficiently with only their best interests in mind.

We strive to exceed all our customer's’ expectations through continuous improvement and customer interaction.

Dedication to service is of the utmost importance to BimTronics – we cherish our Company and represent it with pride.